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5 Fastest Growing Farm Crops in the USA
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 5 Fastest Growing Farm Crops in the USA

5 Fastest Growing Farm Crops in the USA

by FarmAgLoans | Posted on Oct. 10, 2013

According to the record of National Agricultural Statistics Service as of March, 2013 for the crop statistics in the year 2011, U.S. farmers produce about $143 billion worth of crops each year.

There are 5 crops with the highest production and sales with this year statistics, please see below:

Cotton farming

1. Cotton

Cotton is being grown in 17 states in the US stretching from Virginia to California with total of 9.5 million acres of harvested areas and earning up to $8.3 billion of sales.

According to the Census of Agriculture, fewer than 18,810 farms in the US produce cotton and supplying 30% of the world's supply with yearly exports of more than $7 billion.

Most of cottons produce 75% goes into apparel, 18% into home furnishings and 7% into industrial products annually.

image from farmlandgrab.org
Wheat farming

2. Wheat

While cotton ranks fifth, wheat almost doubles it sales and receives over $14.6 billion from its 45.7 million acres of harvested areas.

There are over 161,000 farms in the US who produces wheat and supplying about 10% of the world's supply.

Did you know that wheat covers more of the Earth than any other crop? Wheat can grow on either dry or cold climates places.

image from glogster.com
Hay farming

3. Hay

During 2011, hay production ranks third with total of 55.7 million acres of harvested area and total of $6.7 billion of sales.

Hay production exceeds over 119 million tons every year in the US alone. Primary hay crops being grown in this country is Alfalfa and is being produced mainly for domestic consumptions.

Hay are packaged in bales and made into cubes and pellets.

image from tnfarmbureau.org
Soybean farming

4. Soybeans

Soybeans ranks second for the fastest growing crops in the US with over 76 million acres of harvest from the current year and receiving over half of corn sales with $43.2 billion of sales from the previous year.

US is also the leading producer and exporter of this crop supplying over 50% of the world and supply is often outweighed by demand.

Soybeans are nutritious for humans because of its large source of amino acids and proteins. It is also use as fertilizers for soil.

image from deltafarmpress.com
Corn farming

5. Corn

The USA produced up to 32% of the world's corn crops in 2010 making it the largest producer of corn from its 84 million acres of harvest and about 20% of this produced are exported.

Annual production as of 2012 is 113 million tons with the sales up to $87.3 billion. It is considered to be the fastest growing crops and the most produced grain in the world.

Corn is grown on over 400,000 farms in the US. Corns are being used more and more for the source of ethanol.

image from farmflavor.com


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