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5 Profitable USA Crops That You Might Not Know
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 5 Profitable USA Crops That You Might Not Know

5 Profitable USA Crops That You Might Not Know

by FarmAgLoans | Posted on Oct. 17, 2013

Profitable crops also known as cash crops are crops grown for sale to return huge amount of profit. While corn and strawberries tops the list of well known cash crops which generates the highest profits per acre, we present to you some of not-so-popular crops you might want to consider growing.

  1. profitable usa crops 1

    Salad greens

    Also known as leaf vegetables or vegetable greens which include lettuce, mustard greens, kale, collard, spinach to name some. There are thousands of species you can choose to grow defending on your state's climate/season and planting on January to June are the best time.

    Salads are becoming more and more popular which is now considered as "soul food" in US cuisine. Increasing number of health practitioners and diet buffs keeps the demands stable and continuously increasing.

  2. profitable usa crops 2

    Herbs and spices

    Herb and spices farming business is also growing because of its uses in culinary and in medicine. Most famous culinary herbs include basil, cilantro, oregano and chives and others are added to herbal products such as in soap and teas.

    Herbs and spices are also use in conjunction with salads and in culinary arts making it a booming industry next to growing salad greens.

    Garlic and peppers are widely cultivated throughout the US as it is adaptable to wide range of soil and climate conditions. Garlic can cost from $6 to $8 per pound and can yield up to 15,000 pounds.

  1. edible mushrooms

    Gourmet and edible mushrooms

    Mushrooms like Agaricus bisporus and shitake are just some of the commercial mushrooms that are extensively used in culinary arts and in medicine as well. Mushrooms farming industry is getting much attention in the recent year making this a potential business for more profit.

    They are grown indoor and can produce very high return. You can earn as much as $9,000 from a 5x5 yard space.

    Another mushroom to consider is Oyster mushrooms(pictured) because of its increasing demand.

  2. ginseng


    There are 11 known species of ginseng which grows mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, North America and some part of Asia. Famous for its traditional and medical uses, it is even now grown for profit and being nicknamed "green gold".

    Farming ginseng requires 6 years before you can harvest its mature roots but a farmer can earn up to $100,000 from a half-acre plots.

    Most ginseng species can be grown only in cooler climates.

  3. flowers


    If you have limited funds in farming and looking for specialty crop that are high in value, you should think about growing flowers or better known as Floriculture. This growing industry has endless potential for small farmers since there are wide array of flower plants you can choose to grow in consideration with your climate and season.

    But if you are looking for a versatile flower crop, Lavender is the best option. Its demand is increasing because of its usage in beauty and aromatherapy products.

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